Eating Your Way Down the Strip: Restaurant Tours in Las Vegas

Many people are unaware that a restaurant tour of Las Vegas even exists. People that live in the area know that there are many different options for dining, and yet somehow get stuck in a rut and go to the same places all the time. Some visitors are not sure where they want to eat and want something different from the buffet or steak and eggs options that are so common here. With many people coming to the city annually or even multiple times a year, finding out more about where to eat can provide a better range of options while making people better informed as consumers.

What These Tours Are Like

Some of the best tours are the walking types that go along the Strip. These take people from one restaurant to another and allow them to sample food from the restaurant. Tourists are not served full meals but are served enough food from the restaurant to get a better idea about what is served. Once the food at one place has been consumed, people will go off to the next place. The number of restaurants offered in one tour can vary but four to six is fairly common. Patrons pay a set price and must sign up with the tour company in advance. The reason for this is that the party sizes are sometimes limited to a number like 20 people. This helps the restaurant to plan for a specific number of servings and have the food ready to eat at the appointment time.

What People Need To Enjoy These Tours

Many of these are walking tours so people will want to dress comfortably including comfortable shoes like running shoes. The weather can vary here depending on the season and people that are coming here during the summer will want to wear lightweight, comfortable clothing such as shorts. Las Vegas is a tourist destination so there is no worry about wearing casual clothing here. Sunscreen and hats are a good idea.

Most of these tours will not require that people walk long distances. In some cases, it might be more or less building-to-building without too much distance between each place. But people might have to walk several blocks over all so this may be a factor for some people. Anyone that uses a wheelchair should not have any problem but this may be something to ask about when booking the tour.

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