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Hecho en Vegas in MGM Grand - For Dinner      
Month Visited: 02/16 - Bad Meal

The place hardly had any customers and the service made me sit alone for
about 10 minutes without any acknowledgment then I noticed several tables
where people had chips n salsa and they never bothered to bring a basket to
my table, then I started out with a pricey appetizer of the melted cheese
which was not very melted with chorizo, they gave me two little soft tacos
with it wrapped in foil which was very coldly presented, I asked for a
frozen Margarita and they said the machine was broken, never heard a Mexican
restaurant not able to serve frozen drinks in my life!! Then I ordered a
soup that was absolutely cold and asked them for a hot soup in which they
took it back to the kitchen waited 15 minutes then brought it to my table
claiming it was a new soup, which was a complete lie since the taco strips
in the soup were totally like soft noodles. Then I asked for a Mojito, the
worst I ever tasted, no sweetener and barely any mint which I told them I
didn't want. so with a soup and a cheese dip and drinking basic water the
bill came to 34 dollars. Ridiculously overpriced crap hole I will never go
to again!! Pass the Word!

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