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Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant - For Breakfast      
Month Visited: 05/09 - Good Meal

Went to Blueberry Hill after a night out with some friends. The restaurant is not in the best neighborhood, but damn the food was good! I ordered the Blue Boy pancakes I think they were called, anyway, Blueberry pancakes, with blueberry sauce on top, eggs, and bacon on the side with toast as well as a coffee. The pancakes were huge and very filling! My bill was around $15.00 including tip. Great food, large portions and definitely worth the price. I will definitely be taking my family here for breakfast when they visit. It's your typical early 70's/80's family diner, so per the other poster on here, it's not a 5 star Disneyland restaurant!

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Food: 10 

Value: 10 

Access: 10 

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<butter_cup3381 -at- yahoo.com>
From: Las Vegas NV USA
Added: 06/05/09  [68.224.3.***]

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant - For Dinner      
Month Visited: 06/03 - Bad Meal

My husband and I met for dinner at the Decatur Blueberry Hill after work on June 26, 2003. We requested smoking and were directed to an area that was being mopped at the time. The floor was wet. We were the only ones in there when we sat down. We placed our order and in the meantime several other patrons arrived and were seated in the smoking area. We started thinking something was strange when they all received their meals before us. Finally our waitress came to our table and informed us that my chicken meal had been given to someone else (yeah,right). My husband's burger arrived and it was so over done as to be practically inedible. I waited as he ate and every other patron ate. Still no chicken. After 45 minutes, we decided to leave. We were told that the manager had "just left." (yeah, right). We paid 10.88 for a dried out hamburger and a lemonade (and 90 cents extra for about 3 or 4 mushrooms on my husband's burger.) I left hungry and angry. This was our first experience with a Blueberry Hill restaurant (and our last.)

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<malapplv -at- msn.com>
From: Henderson NV USA
Added: 06/27/03  [63.156.178.***]

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